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Christina Garcia and PETA: Practice Puppy Love!

<p>We have gone from lady love to puppy love</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Jan 6, 2011
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We all know about People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the animal rights organization dedicated to establishing animal welfare from all over the world, Asia included.

PETA has a new plead for all animal lovers: help solve the country’s companion animal population problem by having your cats and dogs sterilized.

The reason? Overpopulation leads to abandonment of animals on the streets, in return making them vulnerable to injury, abuse, disease, starvation, and worse, death.

And if there’s anything you need to know about PETA, it’s the fact that they don’t want our animal friends to die.

And to make sure we all pay our undivided attention, they tapped model and one-time FHM babe Christina Garcia to spread the message for them.

Christina has agreed to appear in PETA’s brand-new ad for its Practice Puppy Love: Spay or Neuter campaign.

The ad features Christina – looking as awesome as ever – hugging a dog named Rover, an abandoned canine found at the Philippine Animal Welfare Society’s (PAWS) animal shelter. Adopted and hugged by Christina – Rover, you lucky dog.

“Although people may be reluctant to spay and neuter their animal companions, the fact is that sterilization is both the easiest and the most effective means available of ensuring animals’ happiness and safety,” she says.

“Consider the fate of the millions of unwanted animals who roam the streets of the Philippines whose parents were never spayed and neutered.”

So how about we do this wonderful lady a favor? And if not, consider this as a favor to yourself: dogs that have not been spayed or neutered are more likely to bite and display aggressive behavior.

Think of it as family planning for dogs, because we have enough human overpopulation problems to worry about. According to PETA Asia Director Jason Baker, giving animals a warm shelter is simply not enough these days.

“As long as people continue to let their dogs and cats breed—and as long as they keep buying animals from pet stores—many, many animals will face death at a young age,” adds Baker.

So if you’ve got a soft spot for our unfortunate furry friends, swing by to know more about how you can participate in this campaign.

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