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FHM's 'Babe, Bati Na Tayo' Gift Guide

How to 'say sorry' this Christmas
by Jen Chan | Dec 10, 2015
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Finding the perfect present for your woman is hard enough as it is. Add an atraso and you have your work cut out for you. We help narrow down ways of making amends...

1) Light Box

Women love grand romantic gestures, but they love grand public apologies even more. Hold your own a la John Cusack in Say Anything or tap into your inner Andrew Lincoln in Love Actually with this awesome and humbling declaration of your slave devotion.

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Score for: P2,999, Typo

2) Life of the Party Full-Face Makeup Kit

If you've been paying attention to your girl, then you should know what she wants for Christmas. But seeing as you're in hot water now, you probably have no clue. Our tip: Get her this holiday gift set. Chances are, all her favorite cult products will already be in it, saving you the trouble of choosing just one and (predictably) getting it wrong.

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Score for: P2,000, Benefit

3) Minsan Parinig, Minsan Patama, Madalas Hugot

Have a laugh over some of the funniest hugot memes ever invented. She'll be sure to laugh at it, too. Just be prepared to get ribbed for all your worth.

Score for: P195, National Bookstore

4) Gourmet Chocolate

If she's giving you the cold shoulder, let these designer chocolates serve as peace offering. She might be able to ignore you, but she won't be able to ignore these—they'll melt!

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Score for: P630, (Nama Au Lait, Nama Champagne) Royce

5) A dozen rose plushies

Is the idea of buying her real, and therefore, malalantang flowers at odds with your kuripot principles? Get your girl a dozen plushie roses instead. They'll never wilt and they'll never die—just like your love for her. Yaaan!

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Score for: P119.75, Toys R Us

6) Satin lingerie

First things first: This is not for you; this is for her. Forget those tacky and sleazy rags that no real woman would be caught dead wearing and opt for lingerie that's sexy but tasteful. P.S. You know you're forgiven when she offers to wear it for you.

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Score for: P1,890 (nightie), P1,690 (bra), P790 (panties), Women’s Secret Jewelry Did

7) Our Life Story joint diary

If you've ever been accused of not being "in this together," this is the perfect present to prove her wrong. Show her that you're not just willing to go the extra mile, but that you're actually prepared to put it on paper, so to speak.

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Score for: P2,195, Quirks

8) Chick flicks

You might not know what your girl sees in Ian Veneracion, or ugh, Ryan Gosling, but if you really want to atone for your sins, surprise her with a box set of chick flicks. This Audrey Hepburn collection should be relatively easier to watch. Offer to watch it all with her—no complaints.

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Score for: P600, Astro Vision

9) DIY 'slave' coupons

If there's nothing on this earthly list that can make her forgive you, then there's only one thing that'll save your relationship: your eternal servitude. Create a set of coupons that'll grant her one favor—no matter how flashy—per use. Whether it's going shopping with her all day or, you know, going down on her...foot for as long as you humanly can. That's a foot massage, perv.

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10) Secret Jewelry

Did you forget your anniversary? Apologize with jewelry. You can't really buy love—but with this rhodium and gold-plated pendant, with pink crystal pavés, you can try.

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Score for: P13,500 (Cupid pendant), Swarovski

If you think none of these gift ideas will appease your girl then all we can really give is this hard-fast, bayad-atraso rule: The weight of your gift must be directly proportional to how badly you screwed up. So if you have major points to earn back, be prepared to spend.

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