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Cinemalaya 2009: The Rundown

<p>Alternative treats for your alternative minds</p>
| Jul 22, 2009
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Quality local films once again take center stage as Cinemalaya Cinco opened last July 19, 2009. Here now are the 10 remaining finalists, and their Hollywood equivalents, just for kicks!

Quick peek: Manok, a grizzled treasure hunter scours the mountains of Suyo, Ilocos Sur for none other than General Yamashita’s famed Golden Buddha. As their finances dwindle, and the tension in the community rises, the search becomes more and more grueling, and Manok starts to struggle to get a grip on his crew, and urge them to continue on.
Hollywood Equivalent: Indiana Jones, minus the whip-cracking and the infamously legendary Indiana Jones tune.

Ang Nerseri
Quick peek: A 12 year old boy takes on the daunting task of taking care of his mentally challenged siblings and juggling his personal and school life, as his mother tries to raise some funds in the province for her children’s medicine. The kid keeps his own sanity by hanging out at a neighbor’s house, where he finds comfort in the pages of porn magazines.
Hollywood Equivalent: Kindergarten Cop, with a kid filling in for the Governor of California.

Ang Panggagahasa Kay Fe
Quick Peek: Fe, An overseas Filipino worker loses her job as a result of the global recession, and is forced to return to an ill-tempered, wife-beating husband in the Philippines. Soon, a mystery suitor makes its presence felt, leaving baskets of fruits at Fe’s door—an invitation to escape, it very well could be.
Hollywood Equivalent: Jennifer Lopez’s Enough, without any hair-cutting or fight training involved.

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Words: Gelo Angeles

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