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What You Can Buy With P22,500 (Aside From Coldplay VIP Tickets)

'Nobody said it was easy...'
by Andrei Medina | Nov 17, 2016
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Coldplay just announced this week that they would finally be visiting the Philippines for a one-night-only live concert in Manila next year.

On their Instagram account, the British rock band revealed they will be at Mall of Asia concert grounds on April 4, 2017 as part of their Head Full of Dreams tour.

It’s all good and fans are ecstatic but there’s just one problem; the ticket prices, especially those for the VIP section, are priced at a whopping P22,500.

At this point, we can all probably agree that this isn’t exactly cheap nor affordable.

So just to slap some sense into you, or to put your priorities into perspective, here are some other things you could throw down that kind of money on:

1) PS4 Pro
It’s not exactly within the stated budget of P22,500, but if you stretch it just a little bit more,  you’ll be able to purchase Sony’s newest mid-generation console.

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With 1TB of prime gaming space, upscale graphics for 4K compatibility and the basic accessories included in the package, you’ll be holing up in your man-cave, enjoying the button-mashing experience. That sounds more satisfying than seeing Gwneth Paltrow's ex live.

2) iPhone 7
We’re not promoting any brands here, but you can get a spanking new iPhone 7 through a plan with one of our major local carriers.

You’ll just have to bring P20,400 for the cashout of the 128GB model, and pay P1999 per month for 24 months, to enjoy unlimited calls, texts and monthly mobile data.

You can then use the spare P2,100 for a high quality phone case (P1,000 to P1,500) and tempered glass (P500) to keep your phone in tip-top shape.

3) Invest in yourself
You know the government cares when even the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) shares our sentiments regarding the sky high prices of Coldplay tickets.

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In a post on their Facebook account, the DTI urged those eyeing to buy Coldplay VIP tickets to instead shell out their hard-earned cash on other worthwhile ventures.

4) The best party of 2016
Let’s admit it, 2016 is a year of both great and not-so-great memories. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte became the Philippine President while Donald Trump won the US elections. A lot of celebrities also died, including Prince and Alan Rickman, and there’s the never-ending issue of the Marcos burial.

So if everything else on this list doesn’t appeal to you, then you can just throw the most memorable party of 2016 and drown your closest friends in booze (roughly 33 cases of local beer or 792 bottles).

Afterall, Christmas is the season of giving and as they say, it’s not how you start, but how you finish.

But if you still prefer the Coldplay concert over all these, then you might want to check out the ticket prices in other countries like Singapore which are way cheaper as one concerned a netizen pointed out.

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Coldplay ticket prices range from P1,800 to P22,500 and will publicly be available on November 24.

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