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Comic Review: Kubori Kikiam

<p>Kikiams are friends, not food</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 11, 2010
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We like kikiam. They’re cheap, and they don’t taste half-bad, and in fact, some would attest that they’re the tastiest amongst deep-fried street goodies.

There’s another kind of kikiam though that we like even more.

It talks and behaves like a group of juveniles, and thinks that boobs are the greatest things ever.

Allow us to tell you that something like that exists.

These kikiam exist in a mad, irreverent, uncouth, uncivilized yet balls-out funny comic strip called Kubori Kikiam created by Alfredo Rosales, and Michael David.

Three pieces of kikiam, named Dodon, Benjo, and Manny go on wild adventures in a lot of places mainly clubs and beerhouses looking to score.

Which is why the comics is easy to relate to, assuming you are a guy. Much of the plot revolves around the usual man-struggles of trying to get a chick, getting drunk, downloading porn, and of course, rap battles.

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We liked that it doesn’t hold back either: The characters cuss, and talk about vaginas, and dicks, and other things people would call toilet humor. Along with that, pop culture references abound in the panels, such as the abs of Usher and Sisqo, the performances of Sasha Grey and Maria Ozawa, Daniel Craig, Chris Tiu, and Linkin Park songs among others.

Part of the comic’s charm is that it regularly breaks the 4th wall. That's right kids, it's postmodernism at its well, not best but most accessible. The kikiams sometimes getting annoyed that the artist, Michael David, is just recycling art. In one strip, one of the female characters named Lee even complains and asks why David isn’t drawing enough male strippers.

David, appearing in a cartoon version of himself, answers “Uhh… dahil mas gusto kong i-drowing ang mga babaeng naghuhubad?” Lee threatens David, and he accedes, announcing: “Mga naglalakihang tite, ngayun din!”

These ingredients result in a comic book that will ultimately make you laugh. “RECOMMENDED FOR MATURE READERS,” it says on the covers of the comics’ three releases: Kubori Strips for the Soul, Best Things in Life, and We Heart Short Shorts. And for good reason.

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Kubori Kikiam’s humor isn’t sophisticated nor does it try to be. But who says that funny should be wearing a coat and a tie? We'll take Bahag-wearing kikiams any day.

Check out Kubori Kikiam online at Kubori Kikiam comics are available at Comic Quest, SM North; Comic Oddysey, Robinson's Galleria; Sputnik, Cubao Expo; Bookay-Ukay, Teacher's Village, Q.C.; and Vargas Museum, U.P. Diliman. The third compilation of comic strips, We Heart Short Shorts, will be released this November at Komikon.


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