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Imago's Mayumi Gomez Is The Electrifying Frontwoman OPM's Been Waiting For

From alternative rock fan to rock star
by Pong Castillo | Dec 18, 2016
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If you see Mayumi Gomez at a bar and dare approach her for some small talk, the easy icebreaker is this: ’90s OPM.

She was a fan of the alternative rock group Imago since it made an impression in the music industry around that time until the early 2000s. So of course, Mayumi considers fronting the band a dream come true.

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“I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d be able to do this,” she says. It was 2013 when Mayumi first took on the role of lead vocals. “I was among the followers of Imago, with Aia [de Leon] on vocals then. [I have] really big shoes to fill, but I’m confident my passion for music will give it justice.” 


While Mayumi is a natural songstress and writer, she appreciated it when others helped strengthen her bond with the rest of Imago. Raimund Marasigan [Sandwich, Eraserheads] produced Imago’s comeback album in 2014—Mayumi’s first ever—and, in the process, acted as an essential conduit between Mayumi and the band. “I consider Raimund my mentor,” says Mayumi. “He wasn’t just a producer. He acted as a bandmate, a friend, a coach. We were even able to fine-tune Imago’s sound, retaining what draws people into it and making it better.”

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We get why we’re into the band, alright. But why we’re so into Mayumi [even more so now, actually] is not that hard to explain, either. Apart from her kawaii features, Mayumi makes a mark with her electric energy.

“When I’m on stage at gigs, I turn into another person,” she says. “It’s like; I have an alter ego that comes out. My energy level is off the roof. You may have seen me get shy and awkward during this shoot, but never at our gigs.”

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So now you know what the next best thing is to seeing Mayumi on our pages: it’s watching her electrify a crowd in the flesh. 

Photographer Ejay Leung of Midnight Bonkers  Makeup Janina Dizon  Hair Emmanuel Hernandez II  Stylist Debra Bernales

This feature originally appeared in the November 2016 issue of FHM Philippines.

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