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Freeze-time Shenanigans During The Great U.S. Polar Vortex of 2014!

The scary-sounding Polar Vortex spread a season of deep freeze over America. In the process, it also spawned a lot of fun things to do. Take that, Mother Nature!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 9, 2014
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Snow in Vietnam, punishing storm surges in the Philippines, icy storms in the Middle East, the world's weather has been, simply put, weird as of late. Atmospheric conditions have always been historically unpredictable but recent situations have seen extreme swings from Mother Nature.

This year, the first to be hit by such cataclysmic weather is big, bad United States of America, which is undergoing what the smart people have been calling a "Polar Vortex," since Sunday, January 5, U.S. time.

It's like the Day After Tomorrow but more real.

To expound, here's a photo from the said movie:

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Now, here's a photo from the website,, taken by one Hank Cain:

Di nagkakalayo di ba? Next thing you know, Metro Manila's ongoing measles outbreak is actually the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

But we digress. This polar vortex deep freeze, as explained by, is a result of air from the Arctic that got funneled southwards, passing through northern portions of North America such as Chicago and Toronto and reaching as far as the typically warmer state of Florida.

But here's where it gets scary: It's said to be caused by global warming. The Arctic air typically circulates around the pole corralled in place by a powerful circular wind called the polar vortex. Under normal circumstances, that extremely cold wind flow stays where it must. Unfortunately, the rising global temperature and the melting of polar ice have broken the Arctic's cycle, hence causing this massive chill spill.

The result: all 50 states of America experienced its coldest below-zero temperatures at the height of the weather phenomenon on Tuesday, January 7, U.S. time.

That's including tropical paradise Hawaii, which recorded a temp of -7C while New York City broke a 118-year-old temp record with a new low of -15C. The lowest recorded temperature of all belonged to Embarrass, Minnesota, which experienced temps as low as -37C. Yes, colder than Ricky Rubio’s shooting.

All in all, a very, very, VERY cold day for America, resulting in 11,000 cancelled flights, 21 deaths, and financial losses amounting to a whopping $5 billion.

But like Filipinos finding a way to humor a particularly nasty storm, these affected Westerners have also been able to find ways to somewhat enjoy the situation. For everyone who were not accidentally locked out of their houses that night, it was an ice paradise where the worst that could happen was to catch a cold.

Below are some of the cool tricks that are only possible in such chilly conditions!

1) No need for friggin' refrigerators anymore

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You've probably seen eggs fried on pavement during summer. With the extreme cold weather in the States, freeze-frying an itlog also became possible. In a matter of minutes, the egg became something no amount of chicken butts can ever warm again.

Even other food like meat was no match for captain chilly:

"Eto karne. Sa kaliwa ko karne. Ngayon ipapag-kiss ko sila. Kiss! Kiss!"

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2) They made fanciful frozen bubbles:


Hear that melodious music? That's the sound that plays in our heads whenever we blow bubbles. With this temporary ice age, it became possible to actually catch a bubble without immediately bursting it.

3) This cool trampoline trick:


At first you thought it was an ordinary trampoline. And then this seriously cool dude jumped on it, and revealed what it truly was: an ordinary trampoline with a thin sheet of ice. Parang special effects ang dating

4) Finally, people can become Mr. Freeze

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