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WTF or FTW: This Crazy Russian City Climber Is Asking For It

Meet Russia's crazy city climbers! WARNING: NSFV (Not Safe for people with Vertigo!)
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 13, 2014
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We've just found the bravest selfie ever taken: 

extreme city climbingImage credit: Kirill Oreshkin on

Meet Kirill Oreshkin, a Russian city climber whose exploits are already being noticed by the Internet. One site even called him the craziest of Russia's city climbers, and we agree. We mean, just look at the vertigo-inducing photos below.

kirill oreshkinImage credit: Kirill Oreshkin on

kirril oreshkinImage credit: Kirill Oreshkin on

kirril oreshkinImage credit: Kirill Oreshkin on

City climbing is a growing craze in the Russian capital of Moscow wherein young men scale the top of tall structures (e.g. masts, towers, skyscrapers) without any means of protection. They document their feat by posing for a Kodak moment atop nakakalula heights hundreds of feet above the ground. It's like King Kong climbing the top of the Empire State Building, only, you know, it's very, very real.

So why do comrades like Kirill do these death-defying stunts? According to another extreme city climber named Alexander Remnev, "I've always liked to take pictures from above. I wanted to know the unknown and conquer the unconquered." Then there's also the "ultimate adrenaline fix" angle.

To make matters more extreme, they also don't give a damn about whether or not their target structure has been fully constructed:

extreme city climbingImage credit: Alexander Remnev on

And for those asking, no, this isn't recognized as a sport, which is for the best. Do you really want little kids training for this:

kirill oreshkinImage credit: Kirill Oreshkin on

We admire these dudes' daredevil attitude and no fear mindset. They're virtually flashing the dirty finger to Acrophobia. Ballsy. Still, a part of us says they've gone overboard; a slip could lead to a bloody pile of mangled flesh and bones.

So, are we, the guys of FHM, willing to give it a go? Maybe with a harness, and after downing a dozen shots of our favorite hard drink. Or maybe if you give us P1-million. Otherwise, no thanks. We'll stick to other extreme hobbies, like kiteboarding.

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Or maybe P2-million? Any takers?

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