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Crazy videos on the Crocs website

<p>Crazy vids for quality LOL-ing</p>
| Oct 6, 2009
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You've all heard of the Crazy for Crocs contest, yes? One of the ways to participate is to join their video challenge. Of course, anything that requires audience participation is always, always a party. We mean, consider our own Who the Hell. So, we decided to check in on them and guess what? We got that right. Countless videos—funny, wacky and crazy them all—were there for the world to see, and judge. We couldn't help but make a list of our favorites.

The challenge: Do a funny lip-synch
Inspired by Moymoy Palaboy, much? The entry from Raizelnicolas was one of the better ones, as the duo of Faith and Baby sang their hearts out to the tune of Shontelle's Tshirt. Three words: feel na feel. The duo gets a +1 for that dude using the computer in the background, oblivious to the all that lipsyching going on.

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