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Tree-Climbing Crocodiles And 5 Animal Evolutions We Wish Never To See

Apparently, crocodiles can now climb trees. What's next? A sharknado?
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Feb 18, 2014
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It’s official, people: crocodiles and alligators can now climb trees.

According to numerous reports, researchers at the University of Tennessee have confirmed that crocodiles, as well as its alligator cousins, are actually capable of springing out of the murky waters and climbing trees.

'Just chillin' on my fave spot, brah'

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The researchers have discovered four different croc species–most of which are in North America, Africa, and Australia–that can climb trees. And they don't do these for fun; these predators use the elevated vantage point to hunt for prey.

We don't know about you, but we think this is a game changer. We've long believed that climbing up a tree (or anything higher than L.A. Tenorio, for that matter) could keep us safe from the creatures of the wild. And then this happens. Next thing you know, crocs will be able to swing on tree vines. Damn you, evolution!

In line with this scary discovery, we thought of other scary animal evolutions we’ve seen on movies that we hope will never ever happen in real life. We don't want to evacuate Earth!



Ever think what would happen if you combine two of the most feared creatures of the ocean? Say hello to the very weird-looking but very effective killing machine, the Sharktopus. This one sounds like overkill though.

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