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Hey Danita, Meet the FHM Nation!

They're family to us
by Mikey Agulto | Nov 13, 2013
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November 2013 cover girl Danita Paner will be having her FHM Autograph Signing event this Friday, November 15, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Robinsons Galleria Movieworld! Grab yourselves a copy of our latest issue, mark your calendars, and try to get there early, okay?

Danita Paner
So here's what's up, Danita: You'll be meeting and greeting a good portion of the FHM Nation for the first time this Friday, and you may not be totally prepared for the chaos that awaits your presence. While we know for sure that you're going to get along with them just fine, you're still entering unfamiliar territory, and you might need to brush up on some of our most eager fanboys.

Because hey, whether you/we like it or not, they're family.

That being said, here's a tip: Watch out for the Jolly Becky, the Photobombing Bouncer, and the rest of the best of FHM's regular attendees. Meet some of the finest members of the FHM Nation below!

The Jolly Becky

Autograph Signing events usually lasts an hour or two, and things tend to slow down half-way through. But it always picks right back up whenever this guy steps onstage, thanks to his comedic charms and harmless hirits. Our cover girls constantly laugh out loud and express amusement in his presence, and we fully appreciate this guy for delivering the goods for free. Danita, darling, make sure to give him your lovin' come Friday night.

Danita Paner

The Photobombing Bouncer

While Kuya Bouncer's priority is to restore order and ensure the safety of our celebrity cover girl (and we commend you for doing a mighty fine job, ser), he can sometimes be our resident photographer's worst enemy. More often than not, we find this guy entering our camera's frame, usually caught in the act of citing overeager bystanders. You can criticize him for his photobombing tactics all you want; all he aspires to do is to fulfill his duties as Danita's protector. Just so you wait, kuyawe'll give you a tribute soon.

Danita Paner

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