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Danita Paner is FHM's November 2013 Cover Girl!

It really is happening
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 27, 2013
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How'd this happen? Did we actually win a FHM Guessing Game for the first time? Did you actually not guess our latest cover girl right? If our math is correct, we only counted, like, one correct guess in our comments section. Score one for Team FHM, right? No? Okay.

Anyway, this is really happening and it really is her: Danita Paner is FHM's cover girl this November!

We knew she wouldn't forever remain a rock-and-roll-loving teen. She had to grow up some time... And that time is now. Sure, she can still play with her pop-alt band all she wants, but there's no denying what the celebrity in her blood wants: an introduction to the FHM Nation!

We've also always known that she was the edgy type, but we never thought she could do something this daring. So how does it feel, Danita? "It's my first sexy shoot," replies our November muse. "[But] I was comfortable because I've worked with [photographer] Mark Nicdao naman na from way back and also with the rest of the team. It's my first time to do a topless shoot, but it's not bastusin. It's very tasteful."

Having Danita on next month's cover is mere icing on the gourmet cake that is our November issue. The many awesome things we did in this issue include: Chronicled the story of a man who survived nine long lost days in the sea, traced down the roots of the wild humper who came up with some of the craziest sex positions we're enjoying today, came up with a plan on how to date girls without compromising your wallet, and debated extensively on whether we should get the PS4 or Xbox One this Christmas, among others.

Our November 2013 issue will be available in newsstands and bookstores everywhere starting this Monday, October 28! Digital copies will also soon be available for download at

Don't forget to swing by again in the next few days for a behind-the-scenes look at Danita's cover shoot and to watch the teaser video to our latest issue!

In the meantime, hit the gallery below to see more of our November 2013 cover babe! 

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