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Dear meat, I love you so

<p>Yes, we're born carnivorous</p>
| Sep 16, 2008
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Slicing against the grains of a grilled piece of steak, its juice flowing out at every slice, and indulging on the flavor of medium raw meat, these are just a few things we love about meat. They may altogether seem selfish and inhumanely barbaric for vegetarians, much more among PETA activists, but for those who keep the same level of appreciation for meats, they may fully understand why these slabs of heaven hold such a tender place in our still-healthy hearts.

Here are five more reasons why meat, dear meat, is worthy of our slow-clapping.

1. Packed with Protein
One thing meats have that most plants don't is high quality protein, which provides endurance and energy to our bodies. The folic acids found in proteins also keep our serotonin-hormones responsible for pacifying anger and depression-in the right levels, lessening chances of using that steak knife for the wrong reasons when we're down with the blues.

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2. Battle of the Bulge
The sight of a bodybuilder manhandling a perfectly seared steak is not quite an odd one. These gym rats usually chug those protein shakes with a hefty piece of meat since it has nutrients that allow them to gain and maintain muscle mass as well as protect their joints. So if you're planning to bulk up, then binge on lean steaks and just like fine wine, you too will age well.

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