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Busting Alice Dixson Myths with Alice Dixson!

We know you've been dying for more on Alice Dixson, which is why today, for the mere sake of knowing our December 2013 cover babe a bit better, we tackle all the myths and urban legends about her!
by Mikey Agulto | Dec 23, 2013
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We know you've been dying for more about Alice Dixson, which is why today, for the mere sake of knowing our December cover babe a tad better, we tackle all the myths and urban legends about her!

Did Alice really hook up with a super handsome funnyman? How come she's yet to bear kids of her own? And whatever happened to the half-man, half-snake creature that used to terrorize all the pretty mallgoers in Robinsons Galleria? Scroll down to find out!

Alice Dixson

MYTH: Alice once dated a legendary comedian
Nobody really remembers the late great Rene Requiestas as a lady killer, but onscreen, he's played leading man to the likes of Kris Aquino, Maricel Laxa, Ruffa Gutierrez, and yes, even madame Alice. So how did this particular rumor come to life? It helps that the veteran actress doesn't usually go for guys with brooding good looks. "It has never really been about looks for me," Alice quips. "My history will prove that, ha ha!" Truth is, despite displaying undeniable chemistry in the cult comedy classic Luv Ko Si Ma'am in 1991, Alice and Rene never officially hooked up in real life. Myth debunked!

Alice Dixson

MYTH: Alice's movie influenced the outcome of the Vizconde murder case
We assume you've all heard about Jessica Alfaro and her involvement in the Vizconde murder case back in 1991, and how Alice portrayed her in The Jessica Alfaro Story a couple of years later. Rumor has it that the film, which veered towards the conviction of primary suspect Hubert Webb, helped influence the lower court's decision on the case. Does she agree? "Ang masasabi ko, artista lang po ako, wala po akong kinalaman sa decision or anything," Alice tells "Yun ang pahayag ni Jessica at sinunod lang namin yung kanyang kwento at life story." Oo nga naman! Myth debunked!

Alice Dixson

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MYTH: Alice hates kids, plain and simple
People find it rather strange that Alice and her former husband of 12 years, Ronnie Miranda, remained childless throughout the course of their marriage. She had indicated in the past that she doesn't have a problem conceiving, so what gives, madame? Does this mean you just don't like kids? "Early on, we wanted to wait. We did both want to have kids right away, but after we lived abroad for a long time, na kami lang dalawa, nasanay na kami," she reveals to Yahoo! Philippines. "But now, yes, if there's a chance, I would really like to have children." And she likes them more than your average adult, mind you—Alice has established charities in the name of street children and orphanages. Myth debunked!

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