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Disappearing money, disappearing chicks

by inconsiderate cousins, eager girlfriends, trannies and a curveball to the face. Laughter.
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jul 29, 2011
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This story is from way back when my cousins and me were in college. Being away from our parents, we’d always go out and drink a lot in clubs. One night, the three of us went to a club that was bouncing and had a lot of chicks. After dancing and a few drinks, I decided not to waste the night and introduced myself and my cousins to some really hot girls drinking beside the bar, there was also three of them so we got us each a partner. After a while of talking to mine, one of the girls talked to me and angrily said “What’s up with your cousin?” It turned out that my cousin accused her of taking money from his wallet.

He showed them his wallet and his exact words were, “Hey, did you take my P500?!” To make the long story short, the girls ditched, and I was disappointed because “chick na naging bato pa.” I was really angry with my cousin because instead of scoring we all went home with a bad case of blue balls. Come morning we discovered he had lent the P500 to his sister. Bastard!  
Mr. P500, by email

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