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Dog bites man

<p>Tales of mishaps: Most welcome</p>
| Mar 31, 2011
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I was walking home from school when I decided to take the long route home to kill time. This area was notorious for having rabid askals roaming freely around the vicinity. However, I didn't think that I would be unlucky enough to pass by one that would go after me. Well, I guessed wrong.

There I was, face to face with an ugly-ass mutt, foaming at the mouth. I just stopped and stood there, not wanting to disturb it but as soon I saw it running towards me with a fierce look on its face, I bolted like a screaming schoolgirl. I ran as fast as I could and jumped up a nearby fence. The dog caught my rear despite my efforts and bit my butt so hard I cried. Assing to the humiliation was when I had to explain to a gorgeous female doctor what had happened to my bloody rear end.
Erin S by email.

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