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Don’t let your brakes break down on you!

<p>If you don't want to be a roadkill</p>
| Jun 4, 2009
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You wouldn’t want to skid or slip in the pouring rain, no? Before any accidents happen or any extra cash is unnecessarily spewed out of your wallet, here are a couple of ways to give your brakes some loving!

Light it up! Traffic lights provide order, yes? Well, let them do their jobs and look ahead! It won’t be soon before you develop a sense of its measure, and be able to tell how long a green lasts before it turns yellow; how fast the change from yellow to red, and so on and so forth. This way, you’ll know if you can still speed up, if you need to make a full stop, if you should just coast, etc.

Slow-but-sure slow-down.  Sudden stops are a brake’s worst enemy. Think of sudden stops as those stressful times in the office you get, when all you seem to be doing is trouble shooting problems left and right. It’s similar to your brakes—frequent stops are when the brakes exert the most effort. Too many of these and your brakes will break on you sooner rather than later. So, go easy on your breaks and temper your speed. Your brakes will love you for this. - Lou Albano 

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