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Dorina Groh - FHM 100% Hottie July 2011

There's no hotter way to celebrate your indepedence that this. Let Dorina Groh show you how!
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jul 4, 2011
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We must thank a failed relationship for this shoot to happen. [firstpara]

Why? Because Dorina Groh, our girl right here, almost hid her gorgeous body from male-dom. And all in the name of love. “My boyfriend doesn’t want me to pursue modeling,” Dorina tells us at one point.

Now, if you’re like any one of us here in FHM, you’d know such move is not a good idea. Actually, it’s a bad one. What a waste that would be, to keep her curves under wraps, no?

“But then I realized, that’s not right anymore,” she continues, “so I broke-up with him and pursue what I wanted.” Right on!

So for good measure, we thought we’d celebrate along with our American brothers… the Fourth of July. Dorina, after all, is also celebrating her independence; she’s a certified single lady! And you, FHM netizens, have all the freedom to ogle at her sizzling photos. If this doesn’t call for a celebration, we don’t know what will.

This is the first time you’ll be posing for FHM. How does it feel?
I enjoyed it! Ok yung experience, madami din akong natutunan na mga bagong poses.

It’s good to hear that you had fun during the shoot.
I really found the concept interesting. I even thought of it as a dare, with me stripping.

Not to mention that the room you stripped at is dubbed as the “Oval Office.” Do you think you can get bare-naked in someone else’s office?
Siguro if my boyfriend was a politician, then maybe I can do it.

Well, would a humble “kagawad” pass on your standards?
Hahaha! Kahit Barangay Captain lang, basta love ko siya.

Moving on, you’re currently a part of the Search for the next Premiere Vixen right? What made you decide to join the competition?
Actually, I already stopped modeling. But then yung isang friend ko na photographer asked me if I want to join the Vixens. I gave it a go. But even before the competition started, I saw Paulene [So], sobrang gusto ko siya, it was the first time I admired someone for her sexiness. Then nalaman ko na siya pala yung first winner sa Premiere Vixens, na-excite ako na makita siya kasi when I saw her photos before, yung mga ginawa niya, parang gusto ko rin i-try. Kaya when I joined, feeling ko mag-eenjoy talaga ako.

And being a FHM 100% Hottie, you’re definitely following Paulene’s footsteps diligently. But what made you admire her?
Sobrang friendly siya and hindi siya maarte pagdating sa mga poses, very professional when it comes to work, especially sa photo shoots. Sobrang enjoy siyang kasama.

Does she play the “sister” role with you girls? Like giving tips and advices?
There’s this experience with her na na-enjoy ko .We were on our way to Boracay for the FHM Bikini Special event, hindi ko ine-expect na magkatabi pala kami sa plane ng upuan. Then during the flight, I asked her for advices regarding difficult poses or what should I do to get better results. Which she complied naman. Sabi niya sa aking mag-practice lang daw ako sa bahay, sa harap ng mirror.

And did the mirror magic work?
Kapag nasa bahay kasi ako, mag-music ako, tapos sasayaw na ako, haharap ako sa mirror, ayan na, mag-pose na ako.

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