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Today In WTF News: Driver Gets 'Rear-Ended' By Naked Man

He was walking like a boss with no clothes on
by Andrei Medina | Apr 4, 2016
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A short dash-cam recording of a road trip somewhere in Gumaca, Quezon has been making rounds online after the unsuspecting driver experienced what he described as his most "WTF" moment on the road.

The 33-second video, shot by Marion Bandin and shared by journalist James Deakin, showed how the former encountered a completely naked man walking aimlessly along the street.


The naked man, who seemed to be out of himself, was oblivious of his surroundings even after Bandin honked at him for several seconds.

According to Bandin, the man seemed to be "normal and sober" and probably did the stunt after losing in a bet.

The video so far has 77,000 views and over 400 shares as of this writing.


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