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Dude dead over 'Nobody' song

<p>The K-pop is "My Way" in the making!</p>
| Sep 10, 2009
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We all knew that that "Nobody" song by Korean pop group Wondergirls is irritating. But as it turns out, it is deathly irritating. Literally.


A frat brother was killed in Tondo last week exactly because of the said Korean pop song. The victim, Leo Santos, was seen to be buying cigarettes in the morning of the day he died. He then talked to four frat brothers. "The simple chat led to an argument when one of the brothers sang 'Nobody,'" Reports "When Santos asked for the title of the song, he was reportedly beaten up and stabbed."

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"Lasing sila non, parang adik pa yung iba" the witness, who goes by the name Jocelyn, tells ABS-CBN news.

The victim was rushed to the hospital but died because of the depth of the wound.

Frank Sinatra's "My Way" has long been considered the most dangerous of songs due to the number of people killed for singing it. Either "My Way" has lost its charm of annoyance or "Nobody" has taken irritation to a whole new level.

We mean, check it out for yourselves:

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