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Duke Nukem Finally Coming Out After 12 Years of Delays

<p>New hope for a once-proud, misogynistic, loud-mouthed franchise</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 8, 2010
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While hearing that an eagerly anticipated game will be released late is always bad news, it’s something that gamers have become accustomed.[firstpara] Gamers themselves have a tacit agreement of how much longer a wait is still acceptable and how much more time is not.

Three months? Alright. At six months, a few games should tide me over. A year? There is still much certainty.

But how about 12 years? Yep, that’s right. Duke Nukem Forever, the latest entry in a franchise known for big guns, booze, babes, and a ton of cussing, is coming out in 2011.

This is a game that was originally announced in 1997, and was set for release in 1998. But obviously, instead of being released, the game got trapped in a cycle of delays, outright cancellation, and resurrections, thus becoming the poster boy of videogame development hell in the process.

The game’s mythical development process transformed it into somewhat of an urban legend like Bigfoot. Is it coming? Does it exist?

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Seriously, There were times that the game seemingly continued to exist only because it was being fueled by the millions of jokes that gamers made about it, like children in medieval times singing songs about the Black Plague. U.S. technology and lifestyle web magazine, even awarded the game a Vaporware Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004, with one reader saying that “I wouldn't be surprised if dictionaries actually began printing it: 'vaporware: n. See Duke Nukem Forever.'"

At the end of it all though, its original developers, 3D Realms gave up, and shut down in 2009, with Duke Nukem Whenever still not close to the hands of gamers. Adding more injury to injury, the game’s publishers, Take-Two sued 3D Realms in that same year as well.

All of us thought that it was the end for the game. But now it is back. With a new team Gearbox Games, spearheading its development and a new publisher in 2K games, Duke Nukem Forever looks like it’s finally going to be released.

But the 12-year-wait? C'mon. We won’t be betting our life savings on it, until we’re holding it in our grubby paws.

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