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Duterte Admin Pushes For Death Penalty In 2017

It's all about death these days
by Andrei Medina | Dec 12, 2016
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The Duterte administration and its allies are going all-out when it comes to the reimposition of the death penalty bill come 2017.

But before this, a plenary debate discussing the merits and considerations of doing so will first be held by Congress at the start of the year, the Inquirer reports.

According to House Deputy Speaker Capiz Rep. Fredenil Castro, the debate will ensure that all concerns on House Bill No. 1 will be tackled.

Castro, a principal author of the controversial bill also assured that the debates will be done in a fair and unbiased manner despite the president’s publicly known leaning towards its approval.

So far, nearly half of the 293 congressmen have expressed their support in passing the bill while 15 percent of its members are against it, GMA News reports.

The rest are still undecided at the moment.

The reimposition of the death penalty is among President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign promises that he is determined to fulfill immediately.

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There will be various effects if this bill once again becomes a law in the country. Listed below are some possible implications.

1) Steady reduction of inmates

Philippine prisons are densely overpopulated with the New Bilibid Prison housing nearly thrice the number of inmates compared to is capacity of only 8,700 individuals.

The death penalty will definitely result in a steady reduction of inmates although much is left to be known whether this will be significant enough to actually cause the decongestion of our jails.

2) Possible crime deterrence

The death penalty strikes fear in everyone, whether you are a citizen or a criminal. Needless to say, it forces people who are about to commit crimes to give their actions a second thought.

However, there are no solid studies that show that an active death penalty acts as a deterrent which automatically results in overall crime reduction.


3) Death of innocents

Let’s face it, our criminal justice system is not perfect. There will always be cases where the accused is innocent and handing these unfortunate people the capital punishment is simply the ultimate mistake.

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4) It adds to the culture of violence

Aside from the rising daily number of drug suspects killed during police operations, the country is dealing with a spike in extrajudicial killings since the Duterte administration took over.

Reinstating the death penalty will only aggravate this current culture of violence that all ends in one thing: more deaths.


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