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How The Internet Reacted To Mayor Duterte's Announcement That He's Not Running For President

His supporters were obviously in a somber mood, like a hero had given up on them.
by John Paulo Aguilera | Sep 9, 2015
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Like an old land mine waiting to blow up, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's "important announcement" yesterday was deemed as the moment he will, once and for all, confirm if he'll indeed run for president in next year's national elections.

And when the no-nonsense, tough-as-nails statesman, during a press conference at a hotel in Davao City, finally uttered these words...

"Wala akong ambisyon maging presidente. In 2016, I will retire from public life for good."

...Filipinos from basically all walks of life understandably experienced mixed emotions. Supporters—all those vouching for him—obviously got in a somber mood, like a hero has given up on them.

OA naman.

Celebrity tweeps and social media personalities, meanwhile, each had different takes, with some of them being humorous.

At least Davaoeños still have something to be happy about... (Wait, we thought he's retiring?)

For some, Duterte is like an ex you had for so many years.

This one though, wins Twitterverse.

If you ask us, there's actually no reason to fret; there is still around a month and a week left before the official filing of certificates of candidacy (October 12 to 16). Who knows, maybe for the first time in his political career, the unyielding, sought-after public official suddenly has a change of heart.

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With how politics is here in the Philippines, you can never tell.

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