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Duterte Doesn't Care If The Media Boycotts Him

'Boycott, boycott, leche kayo, eh di mag-boycott kayo!'
by Andrei Medina | Jun 3, 2016
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President-elect Rodrigo Duterte dared the journalists covering him to partake in the boycott protest action called on by the Reporters Without Borders. The international association of mediamen wants their colleagues to shun Duterte until he apologizes for his remarks regarding media killings.

Duterte issued the challenge during a press conference late Thursday amid other issues plaguing the embattled leader who has yet to formally assume the presidency, the Inquirer reported.

"Mag-boycott kayo! Make it the first time in this country. Do not cover me! Huwag niyo na akong takutin. Boycott, boycott, leche kayo, e hdi mag-boycott kayo!" he said.

"As a matter of fact, I'm challenging you guys: kill journalism. Stop journalism in this country. If you are worth your salt, you should accept the challenge. Pag hindi, mababa na ang tingin ko sa inyo. Para kayong takot," he added.

Duterte then slammed journalists, saying they were a self-entitled bunch who thinks too highly of themselves and their supposedly pure profession.

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"There are vultures pretending to be journalists… And if he is killed, he is glorified because he's a journalist," he said.


Duterte went on to enumerate the three types of journalists: those who espouse truth, those who are with vested interests, and those who are downright corrupt.

He also said he won't apologize for his earlier statement on media killings where he said that most journalists who get killed were either biased or corrupt anyway.

"I can lose the presidency anytime, I can lose my life and honor anytime. I will not die when I do not become president. So don't fuck with me. I'm willing to draw my last card," he said.


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