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4 Davao Regulations Duterte Wants To Implement On A National Scale

'I am prepared to win and I am prepared to lose, if there is a cause that would cost (me) my candidacy, fine. That is my fate.'
by John Paulo Aguilera | Dec 14, 2015
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You must be out of your mind if you think Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is all talk and no action.

The hard-nosed 2016 presidentiable might be known for not mincing his words, but he is also practices what he says. Just look at the city of Davao, which he has served since 1988.

Aside from being among the safest cities in the world, Davao also boasts of top-notch tourism and a strong sense of good governance.

Want proof, haters? Here:

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Digong recently revealed some of his regulations in Davao that he wants to implement on a national scale. Or simply, what would a Duterte-run country would be like.

Below are four such regulations.

Law against smoking...

Duterte wants to adopt their city's anti-smoking ordinance, wherein smokers are given designated areas outside buildings to enjoy the habit.

"Just like Davao but you have to soften the rigors of the requirement,' shared the mayor on his TV show Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa. "There would be smoking areas but it should not be in a contained area."

Duterte knows that everybody will "hate" him over the proposal. To this he says, "I am sorry in face (sic) of those who die of cancer. I have to protect public health. This is one of the things that I cannot trade off. I cannot exchange it for anything."

With nicotine being "addicting," he believes the act must be cut before it grows. "This particular law or ordinance is not really intended to deprive you of your fix, but rather because nicotine is a cancer-causing merchandise, I have to protect those who are not smoking."

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Well, we all know what happens when you don't take him seriously:

...and liquor

Duterte is also pushing for a 1:00 a.m. curfew for selling liquor set.

"There's always a time for drinking. There is always time to sleep, a time to be hospitalized because of drinking. A time to die because of cancer. A time to get drunk and not until the wee hours of the morning," he explained. "There has to be compromise there."


More curfew

Aside from prohibiting the sale of liquor, he also wants a 1:00 a.m. curfew for commercial establishments, notwithstanding the possible effects it will have on the country's tourism industry.

Duterte, in an interview with DZMM, lamented, "It pisses me off that our women are working for these foreigners. Wala akong pakialam sa foreigners, umalis na sila."

He also expressed concern for members of the workforce. "But how about the waiters inside? How about the cashiers? The singers? They might get cancer due to smoking."

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Another reason for the curfew is children's welfare. In Davao, individuals 18 years old and below are only allowed to loiter between 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian of legal age. "You know, there’s always a time for everything," said Duterte. "Ang inaalala ko ay 'yung mga bata."

Speed limit

Last year, Duterte approved Executive Order 39 (EO39), which set speed limits for all kinds of motor vehicles at 30, 40, and 60 kilometers per hour depending on the area.

The mayor insisted on a stern implementation of the speed limit, sparing no one—and we NO ONE.

While EO39 has reportedly reduced vehicular accidents by a wide margin, business owners and members of Davao City's public utility vehicle industry have expressed their concerns about the impact it has on their earnings. Slower traffic means slower business, and less income.

Duterte, however, has a ready response to his critics: "Everybody would hate me for that. And it could cost me votes for the presidency… But I'm sorry... If I lose, fine. But there are some policies that I am not willing to barter away… I am prepared to win and I am prepared to lose, if there is a cause that would cost (me) my candidacy, fine. That is my fate."

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Classic Rody.

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