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Duterte's Son Caught Overspeeding In Davao, Owns Up To His Mistake

No one is above the law down South
by Andrei Medina | Jun 20, 2016
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The eldest son of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte was recently caught going over the designated speed limit in one of Davao City's roads.

In a post, Paolo "Pulong" Duterte, who also happens to be the city's re-elected vice mayor, shared the incident in a lighthearted manner.

Duterte explained that he was going 57kph on Bangkal Street (a 40kph zone) in a rush to get home to his wife who was waiting. He added that it was his first time to get a ticket for overspeeding.

Most of the netizens who commented on his post were appreciative of the vice mayor's honesty. Others were impressed by the fact that a man of his stature was still arrested, giving credit to the law enforcement officers of Davao and their unprejudiced exercise of the law.


In 2014, another one of Duterte's children, re-elected Davao City Mayor Sara, was also caught overspeeding in her own city. She was flagged down by a traffic aide on Quimpo Boulevard after similarly going 57kph on a 40kph zone.

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Davao City has been known to be extremely strict in upholding its traffic rules after Digong signed an Executive Order regulating speed limits in 2013.


Photo credit: Paolo Duterte FB

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