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Duterte To Drug Lords and Protectors: 'Stop And Commit Suicide'

The Punisher is out to get them all
by Krizzy Enaje | Jul 8, 2016
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President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday called on local executives and police officers linked to drug activities to immediately halt their illegal activities, suggesting that they could also just opt to kill themselves.

In a televised press conference aired by RTVM, Duterte showed a chart containing the names of alleged drug lords and the suspected drug protectors among politicians and police authorities.

"They're destroying the youth of the land so my appeal to them is since they are beyond their redemption, they can stop and commit suicide because I will not allow these idiots to run their show. Not during my watch," he said.

Duterte then disclosed that several mayors are also behind the country's rampant illegal drug activities. However, he refrained from naming them for now as advised by intelligence operatives.

But this did not stop the President from naming the supposed top drug lords in the country: Wu Tuan, alias Peter Co; Herbert Colangco, alias Ampang; and Peter Lim, alias Jaguar.


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Co and Colangco are currently detained in the New Bilibid Prison as part of the infamous "Bilibid 19," while Lim is out of country.

"Do not come back to the Philippines anymore, the moment he steps out of the plane, he will die," the president warned Lim. "That is my assurance to the people of the Philippines."

On Tuesday, Duterte publicly named five active and retired police generals allegedly involved in illegal drug trading. All the police officials denied the allegations.


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