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Duterte Warns Closure Of ERC Amid Resignation Defiance

'You can stay there forever'
by Andrei Medina | Nov 24, 2016
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President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to shut down the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) after some of its top officials refused to resign over alleged corruption in the agency.

In a speaking engagement, the president warned that if the officials won’t resign then he will simply put an end to the ERC along with its corruption, GMA News reports.

“You can stay there forever. We will abolish the office,” he said.


Duterte’s statement comes after the death of ERC director Francisco Villa Jr. last week.

Villa reportedly committed suicide after he was unable to bear the alleged corrupt practices in the agency. He was also allegedly being forced by his higher ups to approve illegal deals.

This triggered Duterte to publicly call on all ERC officials to resign.

“I have options, file a case against them all or demand that no money will be appropriated [to the ERC]. If they want to spare the humiliation of sitting there without money then they resign and I will reorganize,” he said.

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However, the officials challenged the president’s call and instead suggested the observance of due process by launching a probe on the incident.

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