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#Pumupwesto: The Super Early List of 2016 Presidentiables!

The next time you see these politicians blabbing on about the latest trending topic, don't just think about how much they "care about the Filipino people," think also #Eleksyon2016!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | May 27, 2014
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The Manila Bulletin reports that incumbent Davao City Mayor Rudy Duterte is now being urged by the people of Visayas and Mindanao to run for presidency in the 2016 presidential elections. If you have a good grasp of our nation’s topography, that’s automatically two-thirds of the country!

The group responsible, The Duterte For President Movement, says that they are now setting their networks in the Visayas region, particularly in major areas like Cebu, Iloilo, Leyte, and Bohol. They even claim that they've now garnered over six million signatures on Duterte's behalf!

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Now that the Duterte camp has drawn first blood, maybe it's time to talk about the country's next batch of presidential frontrunners. Read on to find out who they are (and just so you know why the hell they seem to be so nice lately)!


"Sir, takot daw kayong tumakbo?" *guns cocking

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Mayor Duterte has long proven that his guts are made of steel. The long-tenured mayor has been vocal on how he hates criminals, even vowing that he’ll shoot them himself if he ever catches them red-handed. His courageous statements have moved many, earning him enormous support down South.

Why you should vote for him:

  • He’s one of the longest-serving officials in the country, having been in office since 1988. Talk about experience, huh?
  • Davao City is now one of the most peaceful cities in Southeast Asia
  • He knows how to scare the bad guys–even if he’s just issuing a statement
  • He loves giving away bounties–in millions!
  • Time magazine gave him the moniker “The Punisher”

Why you should not vote for him


"Here, they call me Jojobama"

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Many see him as a dark horse...literally and figuratively. Now, he and his family are considered as one of the most powerful figures in the country.

Why you should vote for him:

  • He’s leading the presidential poll, according to Pulse Asia
  • Also from Pulse Asia, Binay is also the country's most trusted government official, garnering an 86-percent survey approval  
  • After serving as Makati’s mayor for almost two decades, he has established many deep ties to a lot of influential businessmen and economists
  • He transformed the city of Makati from a budding metropolis into the county’s heart of commerce
  • His buddy, former senator Rene Saguisag calls him Jojobama. Well played, sir. Well played...
  • Become his personal assistant and you’ll win the next Senatorial race (hey, Sen. Nancy!)

Why you should not vote for him:

  • He’ll be 73-years-old come election time
  • There’s him, there’s Nancy, there’s know where we’re heading
  • Remember what happened at the Dasmariñas Gate December last year?

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