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Eat More, Lose Weight

<p>Who doesn't love eating?</p>
| Jul 14, 2009
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What if fat is actually good for you and your weight-loss goal? And what if you don’t need starve to lose weight? What if all you need to do is eat? A lot. [firstpara]
The key is energy balance. A study in Georgia State University measured hourly energy balance (the calories you burn against the calories you take in), and found that you lose fat if your hourly surplus or deficit at 300-500 calories. If you only eat three square meals a day, that won’t do the trick. And if you skip one, that’ll even make things worse. The solution lies in munching on six small meals throughout the day. With these food suggestions (fat included) at your disposal, eat your way to slim:

1. Protein smoothie. Plenty of plusses on this one. It takes less time to make, serves as a meal substitute or a snack, makes for a healthy fix for your sweet tooth if you add fruit to it, and helps you feel fuller when you head out. Protein ignites your inner furnace to burn calories fastest, too. There’s a lot of that in one instant blend.

2. Lean meat. Speaking of the calorie-burning rate of protein, nothing does it better than animal proteinfound in lean chicken, beef, or pork. So make sure you eat protein at each meal. This assures you that throughout the day, your body’s metabolism is working fast to give you a slimmer gut.

3. High-fiber, low-starch veggies. Spinach, lettuce, asparagus, broccoli, and cucumber are some examples of these. The rule is if you’re chowing down carbs, opt for fiber not starch (like bread, pasta, and rice). Starchy food spikes up your blood sugar. This results in more insulin release, leading your body to store more fat. Fiber, on the other hand, leads to longer absorption and steady blood sugar levels—all that while you feel full in-between meals.

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WORDS: Omar Belo

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