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As If Traffic Isn't Enough: Mga Tutukan At Bugbugan Sa EDSA!

These people should never ever drive in EDSA again
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 3, 2014
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FHM Nation, have you chanced upon this photo yet? This one's been trending on Facebook since Monday, September 1.


Based on the photo above, it's pretty obvious that these men are aiming their guns at the occupants of an SUV in EDSA in broad daylight. The netizen who took the photo also noted that the incident took place at around 2:45 p.m. in Ortigas. What we've yet to confirm, however, is if this is a law enforcement operation or a crime in progress. What do you guys think?

Video via GMA News

An investigation is currently in progress, but the Philippine National Police is looking at it as either a case of carjacking or kidnapping. Sadly, the CCTV cameras on EDSA don't have a clear shot of the incident.

We really, really hope this isn't a crime, because if it is, we'd be totally pissed off. As if the horrendous traffic isn't enough of a reason to despise EDSA, abanakuha niyo pang dumagdag. Mga ungas!

These alleged kidnappers/carjackers now belong in our list of people who deserve to be banned from ever crossing EDSA. Read on for the full list!

Remember the gun-toting dude and the blade-wielding taxi driver who almost killed each other at the EDSA-Santolan flyover last July? Did you know that said incident took place right in front of Camp Crame? Ang titigas ng mukha ninyo!


Are you familiar with the bus terminal on EDSA-Ortigas? A couple of armed robbers once drew fire and threw a pair of grenades at the mall situated right beside it, which caused a world of panic and traffic. Do you hoodlums have any idea how bad the traffic is in that area to begin with? Gumatong pa kayo.


The immense traffic in EDSA-Guadalupe also caused a still-unknown suspect to shoot a man and his two companions during a road rage incident back in December. Hey, no need to shoot anybody. When it comes to EDSA, we're all victims here!

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