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The EDSA Orange Barrier Dilemma: What Would You Have Done?

Here are three plausible scenarios on how a regular motorist would address such a predicament.
by John Paulo Aguilera | Feb 2, 2016
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A video of a bus sideswiping and sending a bunch of orange plastic barriers tumbling on EDSA surfaced on Monday, via Top Gear Philippines' Facebook page.

The wayward vehicle was identified as a Joanna Jesh bus traversing the highway southbound, apparently racing another bus inside their designated lane.

One of the passengers of the bus in question commented on TPG's post, and revealed that the arrogant driver had no plans of taking responsibility for the mishap. However, the bus was forced to stop "a few meters down the road," according to the video's uploader, Ian Santos.

The Metro Manila Development Authority and Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board have already taken notice, with the Highway Patrol Group also looking into the case.

"We are helping MMDA investigate the case. The MMDA is now reviewing the CCTV (footage). Kapag may mga damages sa barrier, MMDA concern kasi MMDA property," HPG director Chief Superintendent Arnold Gunnacao told GMA News Online. "They have their own investigation and sinisingil po nila kapag identified na ang may kagagawan."

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Santos sure made a good call by bringing the matter to the modern-day Sumbungan ng Bayan when it comes to road mishaps and driver misconduct. But come to think of it, what if you were in his position? What do you reckon would you have done?

FHM thought of three plausible scenarios on how a regular motorist would address an incident like this, plus a brief behavior analysis and the likely consequences of each action.

1) Chase the bus driver and trade curses with him

Because another rage fit would solve such a predicament, right? Next thing you know, you're among the arrested ones, just because you weren't able to control your anger and competitive fire.

Also, kindly explain to us how your choice cuss words would help in this situation. Seriously, car chases are only for action films or for the proper authorities to do, and only when it's really necessary (i.e. a hostage situation inside a speeding vehicle).

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2) Arrange enough barriers just for you to be able to pass through

There's a word used to describe people like you: selfish. Once again, you chose to care only about yourself, not thinking of the (highly) possible pileup given the narrow path. And then the public will have another reason to rant about the country's traffic situation, instead of spurring an intellectual conversation for a viable solution. Back on the road, of course the motorists behind you followed suit because it was the easy way to go.

3) Urge the other affected motorists to document (take photos or videos) the 'scene of the crime' and then free up the road by putting the toppled barriers aside or back to its original place

We're not quite familiar with the protocol in incidents like this, but surely nobody wants any more hassle. While it sounds a bit patriotic, perhaps the answer we're looking for is right within ourselves, and all it takes is a little regard for the common good. Maybe it's time to become the active citizen and not just always the concerned one. 

Of course it goes without saying that you still have to be careful if you follow this route. Traffic won't stop (although it should temporarily slow down) just because you and a few other people are cleaning up the mess.

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