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Effed Up Football: Referee Stabs Player, Gets Beheaded By Fans

The red card that resulted in a gruesome double-murder
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 8, 2013
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Fellas, some nasty Brazilian sporting shit just went down, and we ain't talking about Anderson Silva getting his ass whooped!

brazilian referee beheadedOctavio da Silva looked happy in one piece...

An amateur football game in Maranhao, Brazil turned gruesome when a ref was beheaded by fans after he stabbed a player to death. You know when they say violence begets violence? Here's your proof.

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According to numerous reports, the shocker unfolded when the ref, identified as 20-year-old Octavio da Silva, handed out a red-card to 30-year-old player Josenir Abreu. The two then argued when the latter refused to leave the field. Things got physical when Abreu struck da Silva, who retaliated by stabbing the player with a knife he apparently was in possession of all throughout the game. Abreu died while being rushed to the hospital.

But here's where things get really brutal. Outraged fans and spectators stormed the field and went after da Silva. They tied him up, beat the hell out of him, and stoned him to death. Then, as a reminder for us all that we humans can do some pretty fucked up things, they cut off his limbs and head head, and placed the severed head on a wooden pike (pictured below).

brazilian referee beheadedA grim symbol of the brutality that transpired on the pitch

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Reads like a scene from a Clive Barker or Stephen King book, no? Apparently, the local police have captured one suspect and is on the look out for a few others. "We will identify and hold accountable all those involved in this incident. One crime will never justify another. Actions like this do not correspond with state law," says Valter Costa, one of the Brazilian officers tasked to handle the case, in this report.

daiana menezes fhmKeep lookin' at us like that, Daiana, and we might just forget this bloody shitstorm

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To this, we say: Hey, Brazil! You better make player-, referee-, and spectator-safety a primary security concern! You've got the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics coming to your shores, and the whole world will be watching. You wouldn't want our images of your fine Brazilian babes and party-hard beaches replaced by scenes of bloody sporting carnage now, would you?

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