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Election Cheat Sheet: Part 2

<p>You've now read about the first four presidentiables, now meet the rest of the candidates</p>
| Apr 28, 2010
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This cheat sheet seeks to provide you some information about the candidates, so that you may be able to choose ably and wisely. We show you the good, the bad, the ugly, and the funny of each candidate for your discretion. [firstpara] Because we have to choose and we have to make our votes count.

Yesterday, we looked at four presidentials. Today, we look at the remaining five hopefuls, starting with the lone lady in the race...

Maria Ana Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal-Valade

Who is Jamby?
Popularly known as Jamby Madrigal, she hails from the tich Spanish-Visayan Madrigals, of known political figures.

She is the granddaughter of former Supreme Court Justice Jose Abad Santos. Her paternal grandfather was former Senator Vicente Madrigal of Ligao, Albay, who was one of the elected senators in 1949. Jamby is a philanthropist before entering politics, setting up various foundations for the benefit of the Filipino people.

As a senator, she championed women’s and children’s rights. She declared her intention to run for president earlier than most of the presidential aspirants, determined to pursue her goal to “faithfully serve” the Filipino people despite massive criticism and doubts about her candidacy.

Notable Credentials
Among Madrigal’s foundations are Books for the Barangay, which provide books for public elementary and high schools, and Abad Santos Madrigal Foundation Inc, which empowers children and women through relevant and accessible livelihood programs.

During the Estrada administration, Madrigal was appointed as the head of the newly created Office of the Presidential Adviser for Children’s affairs.

She was a key figure in signing the commitment to uphold Child 21, which is a framework on which to anchor all action plans and strategies relating to children.

She has also authored a number of bills in the senate, among these, a bill repealing the Mining Act of 1995, which seeks to protect the last remaining natural resources from wholesale plunder.

Presidential Platform
Madrigal’s platform is grounded on bringing the Philippines back to the Filipinos through people empowerment, bound by the desire for change.

In her presidential platform, she presents 10 goals for New Vision: genuine, pro-Filipino industrialization and national economy, fair and equitable trade and debt, local people’s control and anti-monopoly cartel policy, genuine agrarian reform, adequate, and pro-Filipino protection and rehabilitation of the environment, among others.

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She also presents pledges to different sectors of the government. For more on Jamby's platforms, click here.

Campaign Thrust: To “reclaim and regain the wealth, sovereignty, and dignity of the Filipino People and Nation.”

Strong Points
In a country marred by widespread corruption, what the country doesn’t need is a corrupt public official. Jamby takes pride in not being one of those corrupt officials, as she is a philanthropist, and from a modest family, one of the old rich, in fact, and says she doesn’t need to steal riches anymore.

She also comes from a family of respected politicians, and as in the case of Aquino, takes pride in this heritage and carrying their family’s legacy. She has advanced women’s rights

Weak Points
Since the day she declared her intention to run for president, she has met several criticisms about her motives about running, as well as her capacity to actually run the country.

She has even led some detractors to liken her to a nuisance candidate. She drew the ire of the public for distributing Buddha beads bearing her image during former President Cory’s funeral.

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