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Ely Buendia: Free Mali, Dammit!

Free Mali!
by Mikey Agulto | May 7, 2013
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Hold the phone: Is it really true that the folks at Manila Zoo still have in their custody Mali the Elephant in spite of these naked chicks?

Ely Buendia Free Mali
If that's the case, eh ibang usapan na 'yan. PETA (Philippine Ethical Treatment for Animals) may have to call on someone who carries more influence than all the naked chicks above combined. Enter Pinoy rock icon Ely Buendia, who has agreed to help PETA by coming up with his very own "Free Mali" mugshot. Ely is the latest celebrity to ask for justice for Mali, joining the likes of Amanda Griffin, Daiana Menezes, Geneva Cruz, and one of Ely's musical idols, legendary British singer Morrissey.

Ely Buendia Free Mali
A little recap for those who aren't in the know with the situation: The barren, cramped, enclosure at the Manila Zoo must seem like a prison cell to Mali, the lonely, suffering elephant who has been confined there for 36 years.

In addition to being in constant pain because of untreated foot problems, Mali is denied everything that's natural and important to her at the Manila Zoo. In a sanctuary however, she would have hectares of land in which to roam, rivers and ponds to bathe in, and the crucial company of other elephants. And the thing is, a sanctuary has already agreed to accept the ailing elephant, except Manila Zoo refuses to let her go despite the world's efforts.

Animal experts and world-renowned veterinarians have determined that Mali has potentially fatal foot problems, and several prestigious organizations such as PETA have been doing all they can to relocate and rescue her. Manila Zoo officials, however, claim that they're taking care of the elephant just fine. Thus, this ongoing battle for the animal's custody.

To Mr. Manila Zookeeper: We know you have nothing but good intentions for Mali, but we don't want to put our country in a bad light with this kind of fiasco. That's Ely Buendia calling you out, brah. Listen up and hear him out!

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