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FHM Helps You Survive Hump Day: Epic Facepalm Bikini Moments!

Nothing beats sexy girls in bikinis. Well, maybe gravity
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jul 30, 2014
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We all have our favorite bikini moments. There's Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore in Charlie's Angels. Or pretty much anything Kate Upton:

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Simply put, nothing beats sexy girls in bikinis.

Well, there may actually be one: gravity.

Life has a funny way of ruining bikini day for all of us, and we’re not talking about wardrobe malfunctions. For this week's FHM Helps You Survive Hump Day, we give you our compilation of epic bikini fails! Scroll down and prepare to drool LOL!

This girl just didn't see it coming...

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It looks like she slipped, but that could easily be a breakdancing move. We really can't tell.

One piece of advice: The tides don't care how hot you are, so get the f*ck out of its way.

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Some girls just don't know how to listen!

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