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This Prank Is The Perfect Solution To Those Pesky Door-To-Door Solicitors

Much better than posting a 'No Solicitations' sign on your door!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Oct 14, 2015
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So you're chilling at home, all cozied up on your beloved seat, munching on some chips while watching your favorite TV show, when suddenly someone knocks on the door. Interrupted in your R&R, you get up and check out to see who the F is disturbing your personal chill session.

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Continue reading below ↓'s some door-to-door agent asking if you'd be interested in checking out their company's special promo or buying a memorial plan, because who knows, you might end up dead tomorrow. Better stay prepared, right? Fast forward to 30 minutes and you're still listening to his crappy marketing pitch. Worse, tapos na yung AlDub!

Seems like a truly annoying and frustrating scene, yes?

If you're getting tired of dealing with this kind of situation, you might want to try this funny and clever prank that offers an epic solution for those pesky solicitors.


By golly, was that a talking door ornament?

Apparently, this video is an advertising win from Energy Online, an energy company from New Zealand. This prank-slash-commercial aims to get people to switch to their service, promising that no one from their company will ever knock on your door because, according to them, it is so last century.

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Hats off to the person who played the gargoyle. There's no way his legs didn't go numb after keeping his pose for God-knows-how-long. As for those sales agents, we actually feel pretty bad about them. Here's to hoping they were given word that this was all just a well-played prank. No one deserves being scarred for life for just doing their job—even if it's annoying as heck!

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