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Epic Fail Wednesday News

<p>A little disclaimer: we're <em>FHM</em>, not CNN</p>
| Mar 10, 2010
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We here at FHM can only gather so much news in a day. Not everyone has the intellectual capacity or the tolerance to soak up on the daily stocks, the health care reform, the presidential campaign, and whatsoever. [firstpara]
Let’s put it this way: we’re no CNN or Bloomberg in information know-how. But if our Epic Fail Wednesday News fits your burst bubble just right, then let’s go grab a bite and talk about what’s happening at the ridiculous side of the world. Trust us; it pays to know even these things.

Man Allegedly Robs Pharmacy, Puts Cash on Counter?
Shame on this Idaho man for this epic robbery fail. Reports say the incident occurred after a pharmacist refused to give the 39-year old man a controlled drug that needs prescription.

Poor chap goes nuts, told the pharmacist she’s being robbed, took the drug, and ran away…but not before leaving cash first.

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The most expensive domain name in the history of the internet – – is up for grabs. For a ridiculous opening bid of $1 million, the most popular site in the world will belong to you. Yes my nerd-o friends, sex is you and you are sex!

Well if the adage “sex sells” is true, whoever buys it will nab their cash back in no time. Whoever acquires obviously has to have the goods, and we can only wish the site doesn’t turn into a total perv-fest. That would be a classic case of internet fail, my friend.

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Anti-Callalily Facebook Page Gathers Over 3,000 Fans
The “CALLALILY-FRONTING-FOR-PARAMORE!? WHAT-THE-HELL!” fan page is now the hottest thing on Facebook, and the name pretty much explains how this whole debacle came into fruition.

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