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Erica Ocampo - March 2013

Straight from Los Angeles, California: It's that girl from Far East Movement's "Like A G6"<br />music vid! She stops by for a quick sunset dip
by mich r. lagdameo | Mar 20, 2013
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If  for some reason you had to sunbathe topless or bottomless, which would you choose?
Well, if I had to, I guess topless. Or nude, so I wouldn’t get tan lines. Ha ha! I actually have… in Bali. I was in my own home in my own garden, so it was private.

Would you rather be trapped on a mountaintop all by yourself or in a beach party with everyone you hate?
Oh gosh. I guess I’d pick the beach party, because being alone on the top of a mountain would be really depressing.

What sea creature best describes your personality?
I’m a mermaid!

What’s the grossest place you’ve ever gotten sand stuck in?
My bikini bottoms.

In a sexual fantasy world, would you rather swim with the mermen or be trapped in a pirate ship ?
I would definitely be trapped on a pirate ship! Ha ha! I love pirates, like Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow? Absolutely. I love him.

If a man was dying of sunburn and the only way to save him was by licking the affected areas, would you do it?
It depends who he is! Ha ha! I’d do it for my boyfriend.

Fill in the blanks: I would never_____________________ on a beach unless I was very, very drunk.
I don’t know? When you’re drunk you can’t really do much. Ha ha! But let’s say…I would never call an ex-boyfriend.

Give us your theory on the origin of the word 'bikini.'
I don’t know! That’s a good question. Maybe it’s from Brazil?

Who would you rather be stranded on a desert island with: one perfectly handsome and muscled guy who is mute; or a really unattractive smooth talker?
That’s a really hard question! I’d definitely choose someone I could talk to. It’s inner
beauty that matters.

Fill in the blanks: The last time I went wild on the beach I _______________________
Was at this place called La Plancha, and it was raining. I thought I was on a boat, because it was stormy and there was no one else there. It felt like I was in Alice in Wonderland. It was such a cool place and I had it all to myself. Well, with my boyfriend. Ha ha! It was amazing.

A one-piece but see through or a bikini with holes?
I’m kind of over one-pieces. Ha ha! I’ve modeled so many these past few months. I guess that’s the style now. I don’t know, they’re both fun, but I’d say the bikini with the holes.

What’s the weirdest first-aid remedy you know for vacation emergencies?
Lime juice! When you get hurt surfing, like scraping your knee or getting cut or anything, the locals there in Bali squeeze lime juice on it. I think that’s pretty uncommon, that’s something I’ve only seen there. Anywhere else in the world they would think that’s pretty weird. It really works! I scraped my knee just coming into the shore and the lime juice really helped.

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Photography Xander Angeles of Edge of Light  Interview Mich R. Lagdameo  Styling Jeff Galang  Makeup Fatima Rabago   Hair Kim Rañoa
Shot on location at Networx Jet Sports, Waterfront road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales
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