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33 Photos That Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Margo Midwinter

Aside from joining the Miss Philippines Earth pageant back in 2011, our March cover girl is a familiar face in TV commercials, print ads, fashion shows, movies, and even music videos.
by John Paulo Aguilera | Mar 4, 2016
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You may know her as the "Independent Sweetheart ng Manila" of Pinoy Big Brother: 737, but there is so much more to our March cover girl, Margo Midwinter.

Like the fact that she is not a character from Games of Thrones, as her name suggests. Midwinter is also not a fancy screen name her manager just thought of, the 23-year-old ABS-CBN talent's surname is really that cool. She was born in Wales to a British father and a Filipino mom. She went to the Philippines to try her luck out here.

Aside from joining the Miss Philippines Earth pageant back in 2011, Margo is a familiar face in TV commercials, print ads, fashion shows, movies, and even music videos.

We did more stalking researching for you to get to know her better, and through her Instagram account (@margomidwinter), we learned that:

1) One of the first magazines Margo appeared on was our sister publication Candy.

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Since then, she has also graced Esquire, before finally saying "yes" to us.

2) Animals have a special place in her heart.

And not just cats and dogs...


3) Margo is afflicted with wanderlust.

4) One of her favorite local spots is Boracay. You probably know what that means...

5) Basically, she's a beach bum.

6) Margo is a Muay Thai enthusiast. Translation: Do not mess with her.

She once gave her brother a car for his birthday...


8) ...which is not really surprising since she's a car aficionado herself.

9) They say birds of the same feather, flock together. True enough, Margo is BFFs with another reality show charmer: Princess Snell (or Natalie Hart).

10) But perhaps, the most impressive thing we've learned about her is this: She likes doing charity work. Bless her heart.



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