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Exclusive: Cristine Reyes

FHM Philippines' finest is still on fire!
| Sep 11, 2009
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The country’s sexiest woman isn’t feeling quite like it on this rain-soaked Tuesday night.

[firstpara] Cristine Reyes is tired, sleepless, and not yet fully recovered from the overfatigue that confined her to the hospital a few weeks back. Then immediately after checking out, she plunged right back into action, taping the last few episodes of Your Song: Babalik Kang Muli and filming her scenes in the Yam Laranas-helmed thriller Patient X, which she topbills with Richard Gutierrez.

The little free time she had today prior to our radio tour she spent jamming with bandmates from SHT (Sizzlin’ Hot Tuesdays), which are gearing up for a planned second gig in December. Tomorrow she’ll shoot 60 layouts for a beauty catalogue that’ll be out soon. Then on Thursday she’ll fly to Seoul, South Korea to grace the Seoul International Drama Awards 2009, where Cristine is nominated for Best Actress for Eva Fonda. (At 7pm, Cristine Reyes wrote in her Facebook update that Norweigan actress Charlotte Frogner had won the Best Actress Award for Rubicon TV's Maria. Eva Fonda, meanwhile, nabbed the Special Prize Award.—ed.)

Despite the busy sked, though, Cristine is still able to flash that bedimpled, knee-crumbling smile of hers this evening. She hasn’t even uttered a word yet, but the praises come a-flooding the second she walks into the hippest and most rocking radio booths in town.

Ang bango-bango! So pronounces Kim of NU 107. Solid! So exclaims Rye and Jimmy of Wave 89.1. The Dream! So declares the Boys Night Out triumvirate of Tony Toni, Sam YG, and Slick Rick at the Magic 89.9 coop.

Her sizzle’s a statement in itself and it’s a wonder how her mere presence renders talking points almost unnecessary. But they’ve got to talk somehow lest they keep listeners hanging on dead air. So we let them enjoy their moment with her. It’ll be our turn to have Cristine all for ourselves later. And you can bet, we’ll not be this in the mood to share.

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You’re one busy lady!
I’m thankful. Salamat din sa inyo. Dahil aminin na natin, iba talagang mag-build up ang FHM! Iba talaga ang nagagawa ng appearance sa FHM sa career ng mga artists. One thing that also makes all this so overwhelming up to now is that everyone seems to know I’m FHM Philippines’ Finest this year. Nakaka-conscious na nga. Kahit saan ako magpunta, hindi na yata pwedeng hindi mabanggit yun pag ini-introduce ako. Hanggang ngayon meron pa ring nagko-congratulate sa akin.

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