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Exclusive (Imaginary) Interviews With Senyora Santibanez, Success Kid And Other Memes

We give these famous Internet personalities an imaginary voice
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 25, 2013
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Fame used to be the sole province of the singer who can bring the audience to scream for an encore, the comedian whose jokes end up being replicated by regular dudes trying to make his date laugh, and, sometimes, the politician embroiled in a career-crushing controversy.

Today, the minimum requirement has been reduced to a camera and free WiFi. You do not even have to try to be clever; the Internet mob will take care of that. Take a picture, any picture, and if the Internet happened to be bored enough that day, that snapshot might just slingshot you to sudden fame in the form of an image macro--a meme specie that involves a seemingly harmless picture made funny with curiously apt text.

Fine examples include the overachieving Success Baby, asshole Scumbag Steve, and the bane of alipins everywhere, Senyora Santibañez.  

We happened to be bored enough today, so we attempted to make our own fine example, at the expense of FHM staffer, Mikey Agulto (who, we now must add, is a wonderful person, an awesome friend, and, above all, can take a joke.)

Now, where were we? Ah, yes, memes. As demonstrated above, there is actually a real person behind these popular images we’ve come to make fun of love. And as with real celebrities, we are drawn to wonder about what they love, what makes them tick, and who they are. So here we get in touch with some of these memes and conduct interviews in a place known as Our Imagination.

Sammy Griner was just a toddler having fun in the sun, enjoying the feeling of sand with his newfound ability to grip. The mother, Laney Griner, took a photo, and uploaded it on Flickr. Little did she know that it would be her kid’s ticket to being on Virgin Media billboards and Vitamin Water bottles.

Hi, Sammy, what do you do for fun?
You mean aside from appearing on billboards and being so famous at such a young age? All I can say is there is no minimum age for living life to the fullest. I jump on the bed when mom’s not looking, and secretly watch South Park on my iPad. That’s just me being YOLO.

Is school easier because you’re popular?
I would say it’s kind of a—how do you say it?—a double-edged sword. Women are drawn to successful men, meaning myself. Ha ha! I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be some random nerd baby. Given my status, however, the teachers do tend to expect great things. Big things. They get very demanding. Sometimes I wonder if I’m really up to it.

Then I remember how I got to this position in the first place, and so then I’m all like, “You know what? They don’t call me Success Kid for nothing. Let’s do this.”

Do you like broccoli?
It’s ayt.

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