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Explaining the Trend: Girl-on-Girl Kissing

<p>We explain one of the greatest gestures women has ever done</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 20, 2010
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Girl on girl kissing is the modern day catfight – a very wrong gesture made right by the cheers and unparalleled delight made by us men with dirty minds.

Its modern day impact is like a quake of moderate magnitude, a Manny Pacquiao bout even – everyone’s bound to stop whatever it is they are doing for the sake of simply checking it out.

But for curiosity’s sake, it’s a great wonder how a once taboo subject usually associated with homosexuality and pornography eased on to become the trend that it is today.

Girl-girl kissing: how did this trend start?
Girl-girl kissing has been around for as long we can recall, though we don’t remember it being as universally accepted as it is today. Girl to girl is nothing newer than guys kissing other guys or the traditional boy-girl intimacy.

What’s new however is its openness in today’s culture, where it has become somewhat of a treat both for the ones watching and those involved.

Time’s Jeffrey Kluger described this phenomenon as having “rapidly gone from startling to titillating to, if not quite commonplace, at least not all that uncommon either.”

How it became a trend may or may not have something to do with pop culture – the same way Madonna made virgins cool. Come to think of it, maybe it all started with Madonna.

But a huge chunk of credit must be given to us men for putting girl on girl kisses on a different light. We are the ever-growing observers, the all-dancing spectators that made this a very, very positive gesture.

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