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6 Incredulously Funny Fake Election Headlines

We list them here for the benefit of those who still can't identify satire from real news
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 6, 2016
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There are numerous fake "news" websites on the internet that are meant to be funny and satirical. Unfortunately, there are people who share these sites' stories on social media, thinking they're true.

They only realize it was a satirical piece after being called out by a friend. It's kind of okay; like all great pieces of satire, these stories are written convincingly after all.


These were some of the funniest headlines we saw that made the rounds in social media during this hotly contested election season. 

HEADLINE 1: "Filipino Children Sue For Compensation And Royalty From Political Ads"

From: The Adobo Chronicles

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An anti-Duterte television advertisement has been criticized for using innocent children to destroy the image of the Davao City mayor. In this funny website's version of the news, these children want to sue the candidates and television networks for compensation and royalty fees.

"They no longer want to remain silent while the candidates benefit from their superb acting," the statement reads.

HEADLINE 2: "Donald Trump Guest At Mayor Duterte's Final Campaign Rally"

From: The Adobo Chronicles

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The same website also released an article claiming that Donald Trump will be here for Duterte's final campaign rally on May 7, Saturday, in the Burnham Green section of the Rizal National Park.

Radio station DWIZ confirmed that the Davao bad-ass mayor will be holding his last Miting De Advance in Luneta Park in Manila and Crocodile Park in Davao City, but it's not true that the Republican Party's likely presidential candidate will be here. OR IS IT? WE DEMAND THE TRUTH.

HEADLINE 3: "Duterte to Launch 2016 Campaign With 'Pahalik' at Quirino Grandstand" 

From: So, What's News?

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Duterte is a self-confessed womanizer. But to the dismay of the world's remaining misogynists, he never kicked off a Pahalik Rally at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila on February 9 as reported by the "satirical & fictional news website."

He was allegedly quoted as saying: "Never mind if I lose, as long as I get to kiss all the beautiful women."

HEADLINE 4: "Comelec Postpones 2016 Elections to July 11 to Accommodate Grace Poe" 

From: So, What's News

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So, What's News also "reported" that the Comelec moved the elections to July 2016 "in order to accommodate presidential aspirant Senator Grace Poe whose residency requirement failed to meet the 10-year minimum by just two months."

"This is to allay fears and avoid accusations of politicking and/or unfair treatment—particularly to foundlings seeking higher office who were having difficulties filling up their certificate of candidacy last October 15, 2015," Comelec spokesperson James Jimagas supposedly explained.


HEADLINE 5: "Philippines Unveils World's First Eerily Human Vice Presidential Candidate"

From: So What's News

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The website also poked fun at Senator Chiz Escudero and his voice that robots in the future would die to have. 

HEADLINE 6: "Napoles endorses Binay, says he is a role model"

From: Eritas Times

The self-proclaimed news websites based in Manila, San Francisco, and New York published this article on March 31, saying that the endorsement "was released through Napoles' public relations officer, Atty. Natalie Sod."

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The bogus story goes: "Napoles went as far as offering her services as a consultant where her skills can be utilized, particularly in dealing with individuals in the Philippine congress."


Now, here's an example of a non-satirical website that published inaccurate news:

One of the most awaited happenings during election season is the revelation of the candidates that will be supported by Iglesia Ni Cristo. On May 4, The Filipino Scribe released the influential religious group's list of candidates they'll be endorsing this year. It quickly became viral as there was even a sample ballot containing the names of Duterte and Senator Bongbong Marcos.

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INC Spokesman Edwil Zabala, however, denied the report. He said: "The claim that INC announced an endorsement through a circular read during a worship service by Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo is inaccurate."

Be vigilant out there, people. Don't just share the news. Check if it's coming from a reputable source or just a satirical site. And even if it's from a reputable source, verify some more. There is enough misinformation floating on the web already. Let's not add to it. 


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