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Fanboy Moments at Yam Concepcion's Live Video Chat!

The <em>FHM</em> Nation say the darnest things
by Mikey Agulto | Nov 16, 2012
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Shout out to those who went online during Yam Concepcion's FHM Live Chat session last Thursday night! You guys got the Rigodon star and FHM's October cover girl  so pumped-up to chat that we had to pry her off her chair. She even busted out some dance moves for y'all! Swerte niyo!

The live chat also turned out to be quite a Battle of the Banats, as pick-up lines ranging from the odd (Pwede ba kitang maging sidecar?) to the downright disturbing (Alam mo pinagkaiba ninyo ni rizal?) were being thrown at her left and right. Being the gracious lady that she is, Yam joined in on the fun and gave out a few banats of her own. Scroll down for a full recap of the craziness that transpired...

(20:08:25) gummibears34: pkiss naman jan!

(20:08:31) qop_20: gangnam style daw Ms.Yam :) (Five minutes later, Yam obliges and dances the Gangnam Style. One cool gal, she really was.)

(20:08:51) wilverine: mgchacha ka nman ms yam.. prang sa Eat Bulaga... chacharap!

(20:09:16) gummibears34: Pwede ba kitang maging sidecar?? *** single kasi ako eh..

(20:09:55) boytogs: amalayer n

(20:10:02) d3ns_13: if you are a food what kind of food are you ^^

(20:10:27) YamConcepcion: yum burger lol

(20:10:31) beameister: you know what can shock us? if ms.yum do a fierce look XD (At this point, Yam looks straight at her webcam and did her best Zoolander impression. Fierce ba kaniyo?)

(20:10:53) YamConcepcion: sa boys night out kanta ako. request nyo

(20:11:25) 123: yam.. alam mo pinagkaiba ninyo ni rizal?? si rizal nasa piso.. ikaw nasa puso ko .. boom

(20:12:03) YamConcepcion: kumain ka ba ng mais? ang corny mo daw kasi

(20:12:52) beameister: pick up lines pala e. ms,yam coke ka ba? :D

(20:13:07) 123: yam alam mo ba pinagkaiba namin ni rizal??? si rizal tinamaan sa likod.. ako tinamaan sayo .. boom na boom

(20:13:37) beameister: Kasi hindi ka lang "sakto" sa buhay ko , ikaw pa ang happiness ko! boooom! :D

(20:13:56) YamConcepcion: we'll see. you know what they say. kung para sayo, para sayo. :)

(20:14:52) 123: yam kung di ka para sakin.. sayo na lng ako .. boom

(20:14:55) chud_969: Alis nko miss yam... sleep mode na... flying kiss na lang from you para masarap ang tulog ko.. (We're guessing, you already know what happened next...)

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(20:15:40) joseph_1682729: wacky face nga dyan ms.yam (The same goes for this one...)

(20:15:53) gummibears34: Manggang Hilaw ka ba? Kase..pag nakikita kita nag LALAWAY ako

(20:17:27) gummibears34: Horror Movie ka ba? kasi PinaBIBILIS mo tibok ng PUSO ko!

(20:19:11) stitch2366: mhilig kayo sa spicy wow :o

(20:19:26) YamConcepcion: yessss spice iz zeee best

(20:20:06) gummibears34: single kaba?? double kasi ako.. boom

(20:21:29) beameister: #RealTalk - what does a guy need to do to have a date with you?

(20:21:54) YamConcepcion: #realtalk. haha kailangan umeffort!! :)

(20:21:55) shinra18: YAM mahilig ka manood ng movies? :D

(20:21:56) darkilicious009: sarap ng fLyng kiss

(20:22:33) YamConcepcion: mahilig ako manood ng movies. fave ko ay eternal sunshine of the spotless mind at before sunrise before sunset

zero_fhm: Miss Yam, if you will be given a super power, what would it be and why? hehehe :D

(20:22:56) YamConcepcion: abiility to time travel

(20:23:06) kalotaaa: yam, cnu crush mu sa showbiz?

(20:23:27) YamConcepcion: crush ko si john james uy yun leading man ko sa movie

(20:24:39) webski08: may nagsesearch n nyan kung sino ung john james uy hahahahahah

(20:24:54) beameister: i hope you hate twilight! hahaahahahaa

(20:25:47) YamConcepcion: not a fan of twilight. haha

(20:29:38) 123: live us a perfect smile yam hihih 8kilig

(20:29:39) wholesome18: aw hindi na ko napansin waaa

(20:30:10) YamConcepcion: baboooosssh

(20:30:18) lpcdoom: haha sayang n l8 aq

(20:30:54) 123: ang lungkot haha

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