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Father’s Day Treats Your Dad Will Surely Appreciate

Rockstar Pop? Baller Papa? We have everything they want
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jun 18, 2016
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You've probably already run out of ideas how to celebrate Father’s Day. Your creative juices drained from all the years that passed that you don’t have even the faintest clue how to make this special day even more special. Well, you can just give pops a bottle of his favorite beer, or treat him to dinner, or just give him money you inconsiderate prick.

But you know what will make him really happy? Think: Buy 1, Take 1. No, it’s not literally what you are thinking. Rather, hit two birds with one stone: Give him the gift of experience, plus something tangible to go with it—all depending on his personality. Below are some examples.


Where: The Eatles

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If John, Paul, George, and Ringo are your dad’s favorites, then The Eatles is definitely the place to be. This restaurant is must-visit for every Beatles fan. Its interiors and overall ambiance make you feel like you’ve travelled way back in time—and your dad will surely remember the swinging '60s. They offer British-inspired dishes named after the songs and members of The Beatles. Don’t forget to order their special burger with black buns.

Budget: Around P900 for two persons

What: Satchmi Motorino II

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It's every musician’s dream come true—and can remind your dad how he fell in love with music all those years ago. Better yet, go buy a vinyl or two of his favorite artists, too. Prepare your ears for lovely music playing all day every day at home after this.

Budget: P6,300 (Motorino), P1,000 to P2,000 per vinyl


Where: NBA Café Manila

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Wear you colors. Ready yourselves for trashtalking. You can also opt to go the day after Father's Day to watch Game 7 here.

Budget: Around P500 per head

What: McFarlane NBA Toy

It’s never too late to start a dad and son collection of your favorite basketball players. Damn, just look at those details.

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Budget: P1,200 per toy



Where: Niu by Vikings

It’s a special day for a special person, so forget about the usual buffets and head over to Niu by Vikings. Niu is known for its wide variety of international and local cuisines. Eating here is already like travelling the world with daddy—and "staying" in a luxury hotel, as well. Go on discuss your love life and drink all night with the unlimited beer and cocktails.

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Budget: Around P3,000 for two persons

What: Sofital Spiral Voucher

Buy this weekend? Treat your mom and dad to an overnight stay x food adventure. Let them experience Manila's top dining destination by booking them a room complete with Spiral Sofitel buffet—just the two of them. Hello, second honeymoon! 

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Where: Taytay, Rizal

If your father’s dream is to have a suit to envy all suites, then head over to Taytay, Rizal. Taytay is the hub of fabrics and sewing notions in the country. From geometrical patterns, florals, Aztec prints, velvets, lace, chiffons, to brand new and second hand sewing machines, and friendly tailors, Taytay is every stylish man’s dream.

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Budget: Around P50 (for fabrics, shirts, etc) to P3,000 (for tailor made clothes)

What: Sperry Gold Cup Collection

Let your main man look his absolute best on his next adventure with Sperry's Gold Cup Collection. These shoes are the ultimate in luxury, the best the brand has to offer, with plush lambskin lining that surrounds the foot in ultra-soft and enduring comfort, high-performance anti-shock and vibration technology, memory foam foot beds that reduce fatigue for all day wear, and adjustable 360 degree lacing system with 18K gold-plated eyelets for a secure and customizable fit—perfect from the board room to the board walk.

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Budget: P8,995


Photos via (The Eatles), nba,.com (NBA Cafe Manila), Niu by Vikings Facebook page (Niu), (Sofitel Spiral), (Taytay)


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