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February 2007: Yunalesca

Yunalesca on downing half-a-case of beer, beating up an ex, and pickup lines<br />
| Feb 1, 2007
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It is every man’s dream to own a place of his own where he can guzzle all the booze he wants, sit with all the ladies he likes, and earn moolah for it. But this lady—she has neither facial hair nor a baritone voice, and in fact rather shines in her alabaster skin, yet she owns this man-hub in QC called Cubik. “It started when my friends invited me to share sa business,” Yunalesca says. “We opened September last year.” Now she ends and starts her day like a real man should—with beer in hand and a hangover felt in the head, respectively. Could we have found the perfect girlfriend?

She says drink!

I co-own a bar with partners. I like drinking beer, not much hard drinks kasi madali akong malasing, eh. I can drink half a case of beer, pero matagalan yun—hapon hanggang umaga.

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