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FHM Planet Woman: "Hey, Pretty Girl In The Audience, Why You Here At The #FHM100Sexiest Victory Party?"

We know it's deemed as more of a dude's thing, but the <em>#FHM100Sexiest</em> Victory Party still had its fair share of beautiful ladies in its audience. So, why were they there?
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 12, 2014
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Truth be told, our eyes are still recovering from all the awesomeness we witnessed at the #FHM100Sexiest Victory Party. Call it the perfect hangover ever!

The ramp and stage area of the World Trade Center was transformed into the visual representation of heaven on earth on that fateful night, with angels in heavenly bodies and creative costumes giving us a show to remember.

However, the other areas of the venue were also loaded with all sorts of eye-candy. There were epic booths and the beautiful booth babes. Even the massive preparations and the frenzy at the backstage were wonderful to look at. And then there's also the pretty gals we spotted in the audience. Yes, girldom was reprezented well.

For this edition of FHM Planet Woman, we asked the beautiful ladies of the Victory Party's humongous crow a simple question: "What the hell are you doing here?" Not that we're complaining (in fact, we wouldn't want it any other way), we're just a tad curious since our shindig is widely seen as a dude's thing.

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Were they rooting for a specific FHM Babe? Were they expecting a good time? Mangchi-chicks ba silaFind out the answers in the gallery below. Spoiler alert: What they said might surprise you!

Photography Mark Jesalva
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