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Sights And Sounds At The FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party Red Carpet

Here are the highlights from that stretch of limelight
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jul 27, 2016
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This year's FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party rolled out our first-ever red carpet.

Often seen at awards ceremonies and high-profile events, the blood-hued runner rug is a symbol of the elite and most important persons, which is what we want the Finest Females in the Land to feel.

That particular stretch of limelight is also where people flaunt the goods, some of which took hours to prepare. In FHM's case, we were lucky enough to not only gaze upon the allure of our female stars of the night, but also have a quick chat with them. The following are the juiciest bits from our talks...

Sam Pinto

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On how she keeps fit
"Well, I guess being healthy is a boring thing, but it actually works. By sleeping early, going to the gym—it's actually the boring stuff that really works."

Aiko Climaco

On funny being the new sexy
"It's not all about being sexy, di ba? Minsan, sa personality nakikita yung pagiging sexy mo. Hindi lang puro physical."

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Red dela Cruz

On being self-sufficient when it comes to personal aesthetics
"Mas kabisado ko na kasi yung look ko, kaya I prefer na ako na lang yung mag-ayos sa sarili ko."

Rochelle Pangilinan

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On being a morena beauty
"Lagi akong proud, and hina-hug ko talaga, ine-embrace ko to nang sobra."

Max Collins

On her fashion sense being experimental
"I guess I like trying out different looks because I don't really know what works best on me. I think some women kind of get what looks best on them and they know their bodies well."

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But then—I don't know—mine changes. Like sometimes if I gain weight, I have to wear something else. And then sometimes I feel more feminine and sporty, so I just like to play around with my look."

Dawn Chang

On being part of the Sexiest list
"It's an honor and privilege that people see me as sexy even if I'm short and you know, a little bit 'meaty' sometimes, ha ha!

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Bangs Garcia

On her next cover stint
"I promised them I'm going to pose for FHM after I give birth, kasi it's really a goal for me to maintain my body. Kasi everybody should get better as we get older, like fine wine. I want to be an icon, inspire many women out there that marriage is not the end of sexiness. It should be the beginning; you're going to be married, be with the love of your life. You have no inhibitions, you give your all."

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Roxee B

On marriage
"Baka flower girl na ko next time, ha ha! Actually, I say this often because it's true, I celebrate the seasons of my friends... It's really such a victory to find love, and to really embrace it. I'm happy for all my friends, and soon, I guess. We'll see, we'll see."

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Queenie Rehman

On transitioning to a more mature image
"At first, it was kind of hard for me to say yes, because being a beauty queen entitles to a much respectable stature. It's really hard for me to shift into that different kind of reality. But I want to try it, albeit in a classy way."

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Margo Midwinter

On being the face of the FHM rebrand
"Siyempre, I wanted people to be accepting of the new FHM, and feeling ko they were really happy. I think nagulat naman yung mga tao that I was there at the front, kasi usually sobrang sweet yung image ko. And at least in FHM, they saw na I can be sexy, too, sensual and sophisticated."

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Arny Ross

Message to critics of FHM's new look
"Alam niyo, change is coming! Ayaw niyo ba nu'n? Marami nang magbabago! Walang permanent, di ba? Nababasa ko yung mga comments nung ibang guys, talaga namang nagwawala sila sa comment box ng FHM. Try nating i-accept yung change na nangyayari sa FHM, and iba naman eh. Sobrang iba yung peg nila, but meron silang mas magandang maipapakita ngayon."

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Daiana Menezes

On FHM's rebrand
"Before it was always like costumes, two-piece, or whatever. Now it's like, we can be ourselves, and just come like awards night, ha ha! I think it brings out the woman in you, more than like just the sex object that some guys look at us."

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Kim Domingo

On how her FHM cover stint affected her career
"Alam mo, sobrang laki. As in, super laking impact. Kasi bago pa ko mag-showbiz...di ba model pa lang ako nung kinuha ko ng FHM? Parang bihira yung ganun eh, na hindi celebrity tapos magko-cover kaagad."

Rhian Ramos

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On making an Instagram account for her cat
"Naku, I've seen so many Instagram accounts coming out, like, 'This is my cat, this is my baby.' I thought about it, but I was just like, I feel like I'm already too much of a cat lady as it is, and I should calm down probably. I mean I love her and I'm excited, but I should calm down for like the good of everyone else on social media, ha ha!"

Rachel Anne Daquis

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On her teammates' reaction to her covers
"Super proud sila, lahat sila bumili ng copy nung magazine. Plus, talagang pinagmamalaki nila ko sa family nila. Sa'kin naman, super happy ako dun."

Jessy Mendiola

On finally walking the Sexiest runway
"Hindi pa rin nagsi-sink in. It feels—like I've said earlier—surreal. Parang hindi totoo."

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Interviews by Rizza Diaz, Gelo Gonzales, Rose Hogaza, and Eve Baswel

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