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#FHM100Sexiest2015: Who Will Be The Sexiest Of Them All?

Who among these goddesses will be on top? You only have until June 15 to cast your votes, people!
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jun 12, 2015
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Another year, another FHM 100 Sexiest list. What's different this time around, however, is that last year's (or more appropriately the back-to-back) Sexiest Woman, Marian Rivera, is about to become a mommy now, which means we most likely will see her throne occupied by someone else at the end of the polls.

We're not saying that she doesn't have the goods to contend this year—heck, we're damn sure a preggy Marian would still look stunning—but we might instead come up with a more appropriate recognition for her this time around. (Sexiest Preggy Woman in the Philippines, anyone?)

Getting back on the topic of who will be the Queen's heiress, the voting period for the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2015 is on its last week (the poll will close on the 15th; click here if you want to vote now) and we've noticed a couple of trends on our front-running candidates.

To make the casting of votes more convenient for our beloved FHM Nation, we sorted out some of the most popular names on the list into three classifications—one of which is quite obvious—and deciphered their odds of winning it all.

Good luck, ladies!


There are two things we're grateful for to the longest-running local gag show, Bubble Gang. One is their brand of comedy that never gets old and, second, these desirable dancing divas. With FHM finally landing all four with last month's Arny Ross cover, expect this sexy quartet to barge in the upper echelon of this year's 100 Sexiest list. Without further ado, here they are...

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 Before Marian's reign, it was Sam Pinto who ruled in 2011 and 2012. Now that the Queen is entering a new (and motherly) phase of her life, is it time for Sam's royal return?

Figure-wise, Andrea Torres is (arguably) the sexiest Bubble Shaker. It was a no-brainer to have her as our December 2014 Cover Girl—a fitting Christmas gift to men who had to settle for TV dramas and Instagram just to ogle her before. Is Andrea ready for a bigger stage, say, the Sexiest Woman solo ramp?

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Her unmistakable combo of grace and good looks paved the way for Max Collins to make a name in her home network. Will that be also a winning formula in her campaign?

Despite being the youngest among the four, no one can really count Arny out of the discussion. With those mile-long legs and killer dance moves, the Protégé alum is expected to make a splash in this year's list.

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(You could also throw in BS subs Gwen Zamora and Denise Barbacena in that mix, too!)


The old adage "Age is just a number" has gone trite through the years (quite ironic), but we're still using it anyway to describe what we call our "cougar contenders." Presenting...

Late '90s bombshell Patricia Javier came back to the Philippines with a happy and beautiful family, as well as the hope of resuming her once-flourishing career. Was her April 2015 cover stint enough to secure the moonlighting DJ a high slot in the prestigious sexiest index in the country?

The sight of Aubrey Miles always prompts us to question how unfair life is. And then we remember her sheer dedication to maintaining that unaging and toned morena body. It wouldn't be a shocker if Aubrey ends up being one of the last women to take the stage.

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An EDSA billboard of Sunshine Cruz in a bikini is just one of the few reminders of how sizzling this hot momma still is. It would be a shame to let someone as deserving of a top spot as Sunshine walk to away. Oh, wait...

At 46 and like a walk in the park, Alice Dixson placed seventh on last year's list, besting the likes of Ellen Adarna (8), Anne Curtis (9) and Jinri Park (10). This year, we bet Alice will still have a nice standing on the list (and no, she doesn't need a wardrobe malfunction to get it).

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The ladies of the next set have essentially been top ten material since their respective entries on the list. The perfect way to describe their previous standings? Almost, but not quite—save for one. Is this the year they finally ascend to the top? Introducing...

Oddsmakers are predicting that this is Ellen Adarna's year to be on the Sexiest summit. After an incredible run the past few years—from viral workout and music videos to sexy TV roles—the petite looker has blossomed into being this generation's unofficial sex symbol. The only thing that's missing is the Sexiest Woman title.

We ourselves are wondering why Solenn Heussaff still hasn't come out on top of our list. Is it because she doesn't campaign that much? Or because all of us are jelly of her fiancé, Nico Bolzico?

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Here's some simple math: Angel Locsin was first hailed as the Philippines' Sexiest in 2005. Five years later, she recaptured that title. How many years have passed since then? See the trend?

Jennylyn Mercado
has definitely come a long way since her Starstruck days. She has become a household name in the industry, all while being a (hot) single mom. She oozes with sex appeal even without showing a lot of skin on cam. With that, she is more than qualified to be heralded as Number One.

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Don't mind the singing; we all love to look at Anne Curtis. With looks fancied by the most masa of men to the highest of the elite, the It's Showtime host will have the whole madlang people's back in her Sexiest Woman campaign. Not to mention her EIGHT MILLION Twitter followers...

Now, how about some wild cards?

There's our favorite Korean, Jinri Park (Show some love for those gravure books!); the more-than-legal-and-ready Coleen Garcia (Is that a yes, Kuya Billy?); the sultry Jessy Mendiola, who we noticed has been quite under the radar; or new mother Cristine Reyes, whom we're sure can get back on track in time for the 100 Sexiest Party.

Time to support your bets, fellas; click here to vote now!

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